Nov 13, 2013

SUSECon '13

Yesterday I flew to Orlando, Florida for SUSEcon '13 and today the conference started.

The opening keynote had two fun videos: "What Does the Chameleon Say?" and "Chameleon Dance". At the end of the second video most people turned their heads to the entrance of the hall to expect the chameleon to come in - but that did not happen. But the chameleon showed up at the evening pirate party.

In the exhibition hall I showed and discussed SUSE Cloud 2.0 - our OpenStack based cloud product - and SUSE Studio - the great image/appliance building tool with customers.

I attended two presentations: Jos Poortvliet and Robert Schweikert gave a view "behind the scenes: How SUSE and openSUSE collaborate". They explained the interaction between openSUSE community and its corporate sponsors and the sometimes conflicting interests.

Later I listed to Alan Clark to give some "OpenStack insights: the disruptive nature of open source cloud". He introduced OpenStack from the community and foundation site - not going into technical details of the implementation but more into the principles that are important for OpenStack and showed the great momentum that it has. From the discussions at the end, it looked that he might have recruited a new OpenStack contributor ;)

I also shot quite some photos and uploaded them to my gallery.